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The earth is waking up! How will you celebrate and connect with her this summer?
“I loved the hands on aspect of this course and our ability to interact with our community. I also enjoyed having guest speakers present on their passions and work, as well as Katherine’s lectures throughout the course. 
A perfect blend of science and humanities with a little spice of something different and engaging.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                – Student Testimonial
SL ENVS 195: Plant-based Healing Medicine
Offered both Summer and Fall 2020
Integrative Health Certificate
Summer for 6 weeks starting May 21st: TR 1-4:45
Fall: R 12-3pm THIS SECTION TYPICALLY FILLS- rising sophomores and juniors should plan to take summer section!
This course is available to non-UVM students as well through UVM Continuing Education
Join local Community Herbalist and Co-founder of Spoonful Herbals and RAILYARD Apothecary & Clinic, Katherine Elmer, to explore the historical and perspectives of Herbalism, as well as its present-day context through the lens of many cultures, herbal justice and activism, and the realms of complementary/integrative health and Western allopathic biomedical models.  The sustainable harvesting, preparation, and storage of herbs are covered in addition to the use of herbs as support for general health and well-being.  “Weed walks” to meet and harvest medicinal plants growing on the UVM campus as well as time working in local herb gardens are included. Additional trips include RAILYARD Apothecary in downtown Burlington and Rock Point’s medicine plant-rich land.  Guest speakers include area herbalists, gardeners and integrative health practitioners.
“I have great faith in the power of herbal medicine to heal not only people, but also culture, species, and ecology. 
It’s really pretty simple: we need plants in our lives. Even only a little bit. 
And once their green tendrils begin to grow in our hearts, like the first pea vines of spring, there is no turning back. 
Thank goodness – thank greenness.”
– Guido Masé, Vermont Herbalist and author, The Wild Medicine Solution
Check out this Podcast with Instructor, Katherine Elmer:
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