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Herbal CSA


We are offering an Herbal Remedy CSA Membership which includes three seasonal shares.
These shares will be available in June, September, and November.
Pickup: will be offered for your convenience at the Railyard Herbal Apothecary, located in downtown Burlington, VT. Pickup dates TBD, will be on a Wed. afternoon from 3-6 with the Spoonful Herbalists! But you may pickup your share any time that is convenient for you during Railyard’s open hours)

Cost: $150 (includes all threes shares)
Please note that in alignment with our mission that emphasizes local, community-based plant medicine, we are choosing not to offer shipping. We apologize for the inconvenience, and are happy to share our model and consult with herbalists in your area who are interested in starting an Herbal CSA!

For each of the three shares, we will offer 4-5 basic herbal formulas for general health emphasizing locally available and seasonal plants along with suggestions for their best use (each share valued at approx. $60 retail). Some formulas are tasty, general health tonics meant to be added to your pantry or tea cupboard and enjoyed when the inspiration hits you. Others are great for stocking your medicine cabinet so that you can have holistic herbal support to turn when the need for first aid, cold and flu care, etc. arises.


CSA Members will also be invited to Spoonful Herbals led herb-walks and events free of charge!
We will add you to our mailing list to be notified of related workshops and community events
(you may opt out at any time).

What would a sample share look like?

Our CSA offerings vary from year to year and season to season, but will be similar in variety to past offerings. Our products will reflect the local and seasonal abundance of Vermont medicinal plants, and the creativity and curiosity of our unique group of herbal apprentices!

​These are examples of what we offered in 2019:


Wild Weeds Pesto
Savory Green Vinegar
Bug Spray
Itch Nix Salve
Sweet-ish Backyard Bitters
Solstice Tea


Local Lip Balm
H.E.M.P. Muscle Rub
Snoozeful Sleep Aid
Chaga Chai
Throat Spray
Healing Hand Butter Bar


Fire Cider Tonic
Wellness Sovereign-Tea
Burdock Kimchi
“Breath EZ” Cough Syrup
Nordic Kraut

Some offerings from past years

Herb & Buckwheat filled Dream Pillows
Winter Tonic Chai Tea Blend
Super Green Smoothie Powder
​Smudge bundles