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New! Winter 2020 Community Course: Therapeutic Herbalism!

Join clinical herbalist and University of Vermont faculty member, Katherine Elmer, for an evidence-based, simplified scientific exploration of herbal and nutritional strategies to support our bodies.  Therapeutic Herbalism focuses on the application of specific plant remedies for supporting specific body systems for optimum function and the prevention of disease(including the heart, liver, brain, skin, GI tract, etc.), safe and effective dosing, and phytochemistry basics. Participants will have an opportunity to sample the herbs and learn the best ways to prepare and administer them. There will be light reading, study questions, and online discussion between classes and a certificate of completion awarded at the end.

Thursdays 5-7pm at Railyard Apothecary

10 two hour weekly sessions, January 2nd-March 5th 2020
$500 general public, $400 students, seniors or BIPOC folks (capacity is limited; $50 deposit required by December 15th to hold your spot in the course)
Financial assistance available (VSAC part-time grants, apply now at www.VSAC.org)
Course Outline: These are the topics for course meetings with assigned readings and study questions in between. Contact the instructor if you would like to join the course remotely (available up to 3 times but students should aspire to attend in person as much as possible).
Introduction to Modern Herbalism and Food as Medicine
Basic Phytochemistry and Herbal Preparations
Foundations for Health and Resilience
Managing Pain and Inflammation
Healthy Digestion, Elimination and Detoxification
Healthy Hearts
Nourishing the Brain and Central Nervous System
Supporting Immunity
Skin, Bones and Connective Tissue
Review, Integration and Herbal Safety Considerations
Textbooks: Body Into Balance by Maria Noel Groves; Holistic Anatomy by Pip Waller