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We are a non-profit organization rooted in our deep love and respect for plants and wild places, our reverence for the human body and spirit, and our joy for sharing our work and creations with the world.

It is our mission to share joyful, hands-on education and wellness through plant medicine while honoring all our herbal traditions. Our approach is rooted in sharing a sense of place, nurturing curiosity and creativity, and inspiring ecological stewardship. We foster community action to enhance equitable access to the abundance of seasonal, local plant medicine, to build resilience, and to promote the practice of the honorable harvest.


We offer a three season Herbal Remedy CSA Membership. Stock your medicine cabinet with first aid, cold and flu remedies, and add some tasty, general health tonics to your pantry or tea cupboard to enjoy when the inspiration hits you. Each share features 4-5 basic herbal formulas for general health, emphasizing locally available and seasonal plants.

Take one of our classes or workshops! Dive deeper with our 6-month introductory community herbal medicine apprenticeship program focused on learning the region’s native and locally grown plants, while producing high quality plant medicine for the local community.

Katherine and Kara are Spoonful Herbal’s primary consultants, offering a variety of services for farmers and homesteaders such as “Know your Backyard Apothecary” tours and consultations, medicine making classes, and garden planning/landscaping guidance.


We offer an Herbal Remedy CSA Membership which includes three seasonal shares.

Join us for a year of nourishing and inspiring herbal remedies hand-crafted by our team of community herbalists. Our members receive a total of three seasonal shares, each featuring 4-5 basic herbal formulas for general health emphasizing locally available and seasonal plants along with suggestions for their best use (for a total of up to 15 remedies per annual membership). Some formulas are tasty, general health tonics meant to be added to your pantry or tea cupboard and enjoyed when the inspiration hits you. Others are great for stocking your medicine cabinet so that you can have holistic herbal support to turn when the need for first aid, cold and flu care, etc. arises.


Community Herbalism Apprenticeship Program

This introductory six-month learning experience focuses on learning the region’s native and locally grown plants throughout the growing season while learning to cultivate, harvest and produce a wide variety of high quality and delicious plant medicine to share with the local community. Woven throughout is a reverence for the natural world, honoring all of our herbal traditions, cultivating wellness sovereignty through promoting equitable and honorable access to plant medicine.


Learn with our herbalists all 12 months at workshops and events around the Burlington Community. Katherine and Kara can often be found teaching at the Railyard Apothecary, the University of Vermont, City Market, Shelburne Farms, the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT) and more. For current upcoming events, check out our events page.


Katherine Elmer

Katherine Elmer was trained at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and currently practices at the Burlington Herb Clinic at the Railyard Healing Center in Burlington, VT. She is a lecturer of Herbal Medicine at the University of Vermont and the UVM Medical Center Program in Integrative Health.

Kara Buchanan

Kara Buchanan completed the Advanced Herbal Training Program at Sage Mountain and has created herbal products for her community and maintained medicinal herb gardens for over 15 years.​ She is on staff at the Railyard Herbal Apothecary and at Rock Point School where she stewards gardens and teaches about nutrition, wellness and gardening.



Partner with us to learn about the untapped resource that already exists in your backyard, farm or homestead- your living apothecary! Katherine and Kara are Spoonful Herbal’s primary consultants, and offer a variety of services for farmers and homesteaders including individual or group plant walks, medicine making classes in your kitchen, personalized wellness consultations, and/or landscaping recommendations.

Join an existing workshop or host us for your own by request! Katherine and Kara are skilled educators teaching at various venues in the community. Common sites are Shelburne Farms, Rock Point, City Market and the Railyard Apothecary. Join us to deepen your wellness sovereignty (aka skills to care for yourself and loved ones with local plant medicine!).

These gleaning, gardening and plant medicine processing opportunities, with the guidance of skilled herbalists, offer hands-on connection with the plants, and bring experience and community-building for volunteers while enhancing our community’s access to local plant medicine.



ONLINE- Holistic Support for Cancer Therapy: Herbal and Nutritional Strategies at Railyard Apothecary @ Railyard Apothecary
Apr 6 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Navigating nutrition and herbal medicine during cancer treatment can be a challenge. What is safe to use alongside conventional medications? How can you support common side-effects to live a more joyful, productive and engaged life during this challenging time? How can you speak to your oncologist to make sure the whole team is on board with the herbs and foods you’re choosing?

Join Holistic Nutritionist Meredith Kinsel Ziter of Remedy Method, and Clinical Herbalists Katherine Elmer and Guido Mase’ of Railyard Apothecary to explore these questions and learn about the latest research on herbs and nutrition as a complement for conventional cancer support.

Cost: $15

Please register by Monday April 6th by 12pm. We will email you a link to zoom by 4pm the day-of.

Meredith Kinsel-Ziter, NTP, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, is a wellness professional with a passion for supporting clients with complex & chronic health conditions.  She began practicing Nutritional Therapy in 2013 after more than a decade of work in conventional medicine. She is a Lead Instructor and curriculum designer for the Nutritional Therapy Association.  Her personal history of health struggles and background in cardiac & fetal medicine gave her the framework to look at the body as a whole organism, rather than a series of disconnected parts. Meredith is the co-founder of Remedy Method Wellness + Nutrition, a wellness practice with a mission to support, educate, and empower chronically ill clients as they navigate their own path to healing, by blending both modern and traditional holistic and trauma-informed therapies.  You can find her at www.remedymethod.com.

Katherine Elmer grew up in the green hills of Central Vermont and revels in the opportunity to connect with clients around a shared love of place and nature through whole foods nutrition and herbal medicine via her clinical work at the Burlington Herb Clinic and her community education efforts at Spoonful Herbals (spoonfulherbals.org). Although Katherine welcomes clients of all genders, she specializes in supporting clients who identify as women to access their highest potential and quality of life through their healing journey.  She has supported many clients to enhance their vitality and bring relief from digestive health concerns, allergies and autoimmune conditions, healing post-injury or surgery, and energy/sleep issues. Katherine teaches Herbal Medicine and advises the Student Herbalism Club at the University of Vermont.  She also participates in the UVM Medical Center’s Integrative Health Program (http://www.uvm.edu/medicine/pih/).  In addition to her efforts as a clinically-trained Community Herbalist, she is a childbirth mentor (Birthing from Within), and a mom to her 10 year old son, Liam, and a labradoodle named Maatje. Katherine is a graduate of Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism’s Three Year Clinical Training Program.

Guido Masé RH(AHG) is a clinician and educator in the Western herbal tradition. He spent his childhood in Italy and has been living in Vermont since 1996. His practice interweaves clinical experience, mythology, and science.
He is herbalist and senior scientist at Traditional Medicinals/Urban Moonshine, clinician at the Burlington Herb Clinic/Railyard Apothecary, faculty member and clinical supervisor at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, teacher in herbal medicine at the University of Vermont, and author of The Wild Medicine Solution and DIY Bitters. He is developing the integrative phytotherapy department at Wasso Hospital in Loliondo, Tanzania.

Yoga and Herbs for Spring Rejuvenation @ Railyard Apothecary
Apr 15 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Plants have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world to aid in meditation, to cleanse the spirit and to connect us to nature and improved health.

Join Sangha Studio yoga teacher Taylor Downs and herbalist Katherine Elmer for a 2 hour yoga and herbalism practice exploring the connection between plants and movement with a focus on tapping into the awakening energy of spring for thawing, revitalizing and detoxifying the body.

We will begin with a guided meditation, then work into a slow vinyasa flow to begin to wake up the body from our long winter slumber followed by a discussion (with samples) of the benefits of spring tonic herbs to awaken and support the body’s intrinsic vitality and “spark”.

All are welcome! Bring your mats if you have them, and join us to shake off that winter funk and reconnect to your inspiration!!

Cost: $15, pre-registration recommended, $20 for walk-ins

Register here

Weed Walk & Nettle Pesto Making @ Shelburne Farms, Farm Barn
Jun 1 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Adult Program
FEE: $20

Learn how to sustainably harvest nettles and then process them into a nutrient dense nettle pesto to take home.

Spoonful Herbals is the collaborative effort of community herbalists and educators Katherine Elmer and Kara Buchanan. Spoonful offers an annual Herbal CSA, which includes 3 seasonal herbal self-care packages: each providing 4-5 varied formulas, with detailed educational guidance about the plant ingredients and their uses, and educational events for members, all for $150, with convenient share pickup at Railyard Apothecary. Spoonful also runs a six-month Community Herbalism Apprenticeship program where students learn how to identify, harvest, and create remedies from native and locally-grown medicinal herbs. Spoonful’s Herb Mob program engages volunteers to bring locally harvested (gleaned) medicinal plants into our apothecary from local organic farms and green spaces such as Shelburne Farms.

Read more about this program on our blog!

Registration Details: 

Registration required. Please email Director of Community Programs Tre McCarney at tmccarney@shelburnefarms.org with any questions.

Register here

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